Homeowners Association for Westheimer Estates, Inc.

Working Together for the Betterment of Our Community

We have to come together as a community to make this the best community we know. We have to start by sharing our ideas with each other.

Little Black Village

Thought of the Day:  Sharing Knowledge

Not sure if I heard this before or if it just came to me off the top of my head this morning while showering.  Nevertheless, I really do believe one of our greatest tragedies these days is knowledge that is not shared.  The knowledge that I am referring to is the everyday people’s thoughts and opinion on how to fix our communities.  There is no excuse for individuals not to share their thoughts and engage in matters that is important to them and their families.  And I’m not talking about how many cups of coffee you drank this morning or the latest movie you’ve seen.  I am talking about your thoughts about how we can better our community.  I really think the discussion starts at home and continue in our neighborhoods.  We have to share our thoughts with each other and make them known…

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  1. VONTRICE (3220)
    November 19, 2012

    Greetings neighbors,
    This is just a friendly reminder to keep all pets on a leash & to watch them at all times when they are outside. On Friday evening, a dark colored dog (maybe a pitbull) chased me into my house then ran into my garage & chased my dog around my car. As you know this was a horrifying experience and I could only imagine what that pitbull would have done to my yorkie had i not been able to get him in the house. So again PLEASE keep ur pets on a leash and watch them at all times when they are outside. We also have kids in the neighborhood that play outside and I would be saddened if something happened to them because someone was being careless with their pet.

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Homeowners Association for Westheimer Estates, Inc.

Working Together for the Betterment of Our Community

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