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Activism: Making your Opinions Known

Activism: Making your Opinions Known

If you have a microphone, you have a responsibility to make your opinions known.

~ John Singleton

A film director has the ability to project his vision of the world, to make a statement or pose a question, to help us see things more clearly or in a different light.  But what can we do make our opinions known?  Most of us don’t feel we have the microphone; we don’t want to look like hollering fools, either.

There are ways to be heard, to get across the things we view as important.  The idea is to be alert and active.  If an issue in our community concerns us, we can write letters to the newspaper, call the mayor’s office, sign petitions, go to town meetings, join tenant or neighborhood associations.  We all have access to microphones; we all should make our opinions known.

My voice is important, and I pledge to make it heard today.

Excerpt from Black Pearls by Eric V. Copage

One comment on “Activism: Making your Opinions Known

  1. Westheimer Estates
    October 11, 2012

    It was Dr. King’s tireless activism that fostered our modern way of relating to one another.
    ~ Wynton Marsalis

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